~Living Dangerously~
The Danger Danger E-Zine
August 2001

COCKROACH-Let the Infestation begin....
Okay so it's been a long time in the waiting, thats for sure. But the words I was beginning to think I would NEVER be able to type are finally coming to my fingers with ease....the COCKROACH has landed!! The double cd is available NOW. Yes! Really! NOWWW!!!!
Here's a few words from Bruno on it:
This will be remembered as a special day for Danger Danger. The long awaited "Cockroach" CD's have finally arrived. It's been, three years, a lotta tears ...umm, no, wait. It's been EIGHT years! Eight years and a lotta bullshit! Man, how time flies! Anyway, on behalf of all of Danger Danger's members, past and present (well, most of 'em,) I'd like to thank all our fans for being so supportive and most of all, patient throughout this turbulent period. We are relieved, but most of all excited for everyone to finally hear these recordings.
Now sit back, crank up your stereo and enjoy this missing piece of the Danger Danger puzzle.
Again, thanks for your support.

The double CD can only be ordered through the Danger Danger website. Nowhere else. It contains both versions of the CD. (the one with Ted Poley singing and the one with Paul Laine singing). You can now order with credit cards also. WWW.DANGERDANGER.COM (for those of you who want it ASAP!!!!!)

If you've noticed, the issues of the ezine are less than random these days it's mostly in part to my hectic schedule and the fact that Brian updates the website with the most current info. If you're ever looking for information that you can't find on the website, don't hesitate to write. We'll get you anything you need as soon as you need it.

Contest Winners
Thanks to everyone who sent in logos for the ezine. I was overwhelmed by the creativity. I've narrowed my choices down to two and I will let the band choose between them. Again, thanks for all of your support.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas?
With temps soaring into the triple digits nationwide its hard to imagine Christmas isn't it? Well, not for the D2 guys. They finished recording their song for the forthcoming Christmas compilation cd tentatively titled *A Very Hairy Christmas*. (Which will also feature songs from Warrant, Enuff Z'Nuff, and other artists). The song is called Naughty Naughty Christmas and there should be a sample of it up on the official D2 site in the next few weeks or so.

Is that Bruno?
If you've been to any recent WESTWORLD shows you've caught our own Mr. Ravel in the act. He's been playing out live with the band which we can only hope wets his appetite enough to start pencilling in some dates for DangerDanger. *STAY TUNNNNNEEED for more details*

That's it for now. I'm anxiously awaiting Cockroach reviews from each and every one of you. Let's get some good debate going on the two different versions. Tell us what you love, what you hate, what you want more of. We'll get them out to the world in the next ish of the zine..