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Forgive Me Readers For I Have Sinned....
So it's been awhile since you've heard from us right? I'm sorry. I can honestly
tell you that one of my New Years Resolutions was to get the e-zine out on a
more timely basis, as you can see, it's February already so...my follow through
with resolutions probably isn't the best around but hey...Are *YOU* still on that
diet? Didn't THINK so!!! Anyway, please forgive me. From here on out, you
WILL, I repeat WILL hear from us monthly, even if it's just to say we have
nothing to say. Thanks to all of you who's support is unparalleled and I can say
that with all sincerity. This band could not ask for better fans. End of subject.
Enough of my groveling, you forgive me right? THANKS!

On to the juicy stuff....

Let's get right to the point. There's things you are waiting to find out about.
Here's what Bruno and Steve had to say, in all its unedited glory.

Q: It's been awhile since everyone has heard from the band. Can you fill us in
on what the band has been doing specifically?

Steve: We finalized the deal with Sony to release ''Cockroach.'' We've also been
working on the artwork and packaging. We've written a song for a Christmas
compilation featuring all your favorite ''hair bands.'' We'll be recording
it shortly. The album will be released for Christmas 2001. Bruno and I have
been busy writing some sports related songs. We formed a new production
company (B.O.M.B. FAKTORY) and recorded a couple of songs under that moniker.
Yankee Mambo, The Mets Are Gonna Getcha, Red Sox Mambo, and Oriole Mambo.
Bruno did some production and playing on DJ Hurricane's (Beastie Boys)
album. B.O.M.B. FAKTORY also did some production work with the band LMNT
(featuring 3 former members of O-Town, and the TV series ''Making TheBand'').
We've also been writing for some other projects. Let's just say, we've been
busy. Paul has been busy as well out in Vancouver working with a few artists
on some upcoming projects.

Bruno: This is a unique time for D2 as we have come to a sort of "crossroads" in
our careers. We realize that the state of the market for bands like us is
extremely limited and while we can possibly sustain a living recording and
playing as D2, we have always had greater goals for ourselves, so we have all
been trying to find other means to satisfy those goals. For us, it's been venturing
into other genres of music with production, writing and engineering and so far it's
been going well. Where and how far we will go collectively and individually is up in
the air right now, but we are all working hard and moving forward with our careers.
There are no real "specific" projects that we are working on worth mentioning right
now. In the past Steve and I have penned several songs for Major League Baseball,
ESPN, FOX and did some production for a new "boyband " featuring ex members
of "'O Town" called "LMNT". I'm sure you'll be hearing about them in the
future. Paul has been doing the same sort of stuff with Vancouver based
artists and companies.

Q: There's been talk of some possible touring, yet, we haven't seen you
out on the road as of yet. Is that still a possibility? Who might we see you with?

STEVE: As for touring, I don't see anything happening at least 'til summer and
that's not for certain. We'll figure it out.

BRUNO: Touring...ahh yes. The burning question. That too will happen, but probably
not until the late spring/summer. I know many of you don't want to hear
this, but it's the sad reality of the situation. It is extremely hard for D2
to do any extensive touring without some sort of financial backing. There
simply isn't enough demand for the band to go out on a cross country tour.
Yes, we do still have interest in certain "pockets" of America and Canada,
but not enough for us to get on a tour bus and leave for 6-8 weeks straight,
which is what we'd all need to get up and go. We ALL desperately would love
to go out on such a tour, but we are all wise enough to know that we'd just
be killing ourselves for the sake of touring and I for one do not feel the
need to sacrifice my health and welfare for such a tour. We've been offered
some package tour scenarios, but they were all very unrealistic. We are
always up for it though, and one never knows. (Geez!, I sound like a bad
broken record!) We DO however know that doing a "local" tour is genuinely
possible. Everyone remembers that we did 12 shows in late '99 in the N.E of
America that were a blast. We'll we'd love to do that sort of thing again, maybe a
little longer and a little more extensive. I know it's a pain in the ass for
anyone that doesn't live in this area, but it's the reality of the situation.

Q: The Cockroach project has been in the making for QUITE some time. Do we
have any idea on an actual release date? And can you tell us what the
hold up has been, and what fans can expect from the finished product? Will it
feature both versions? Ted and Paul? What brought you to this decision?

STEVE: The hold up was just working out the details with Sony. Let's not forget
that they are a very big corporation. It takes time going from point A to
point B. They have been nothing but gracious. All the legal stuff has been
worked out and we're just finishing the artwork. They will then schedule it
into their production and we'll be good to go. Hopefully in 8 weeks we'll
have product. Thanks again to all of you for being ever so patient.

BRUNO: Well, believe it or not, we have been readying the release of "Cockroach"
which is now in it's final stages. We have negotiated a deal with Sony that
will allow us to release a DOUBLE CD with both versions included. We decided
to release a double CD with both versions because we feel it'd be better to
get it all out at once, in one package rather than monitoring 2 separate
CD's. It'll also tone down the "which one is better?" argument that will
follow. While I won't specify an exact delivery date for the CD, I will say
that it's being prepped as we type so you can do the math. Shortly afterwards, we
will then release the "Rare Cuts" cd as well.

Q: Gildersleeves was named the best album of the year by more then one
publication/music critic. How did you react to that? (I only have the
link to one website that named it that, do you have any others? So I can
include the links?

STEVE: So far I've only heard from Melodicrock.com that it was their #1 album of
2000. I know a poll of MTM Europe voted us #3 album as well as having 3
songs in their Top Ten of 2000. Every review I've read has been nothing but
stellar! I am truly amazed. I guess we're doing something right. After all
the great reviews for ''Four the hard way,'' I was a little nervous about
following it up. I felt some pressure. Now, with the reviews for
''Gildersleeves'' and fan reaction, I'm really feeling the pressure. But
even without all that, we put enough pressure on ourselves to make us happy.
We are constantly striving to write better songs and will continue to do so.
Our fans deserve it.

BRUNO: I was extremely pleased with the critical acclaim that it received. I/we
worked very hard on that CD and I feel that it's our best CD to date so it
was very gratifying to hear all the praise.....though I'd trade it all for a
little radio airplay and promotion!

Here are the results. Over 5000 votes were cast and this was the outcome
(Thanks Ash):
P77's top ten albums of 2000

Q: Have you been working on any new music for Danger Danger? If so, can you
describe it a bit? Sound/stylewise? When might the rest of the world hear it?

STEVE: Just the Christmas tune. It's an original.

BRUNO: We haven't really been thinking about any new music right now. We were
kinda burnt after "Gildersleeves" and agreed to take a break from it and get
"Cockroach" and "Rare Cuts" out for this year, however Steve and I are just
finishing up a new D2 Christmas song titled "Naughty Naughty Christmas" that
we will record in the coming weeks for a Christmas compilation CD that will be out
later this year.

Q: A lot of fans know about the song parodies that you have been doing
for baseball and football.  Can you tell us how this came about?
What teams/songs have you done so far? Is there more in the future? Is there
anywhere fans can get access to the songs?

STEVE: A friend of ours said to me ''Why don't you write a song about the Yankees,
to that Mambo #5 song. I looked at him and said ''Are you out of your
fuckin' mind?'' A few minutes later I already had a 'couple of lines
written. Who knew? We've also developed a relationship with ESPN, FOX
SPORTS, and WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS. They've used a few D2 songs during the
2000 Stanley Cup as well as The Australian Tennis Open, etc..

BRUNO: A friend of ours came up with the idea for writing a parody of "Mambo#5"
for the NY Yankees. We thought he was out of his mind but decided to give it a
go. With my knowledge of sports (I am a huge sports fanatic!) It was easy
for me to come up with lyrics. If only it was this easy to write pop/rock
songs! After writing and tracking "Yankee Mambo", we had no idea that it was
going to be as popular as it was! I wanted to keep riding the wave so I came
up with another idea. How about a parody of "Livin' La Vida Loca" for the NY
Mets? I quickly started writing the lyrics and Steve and I finished writing
it a few days later. We then penned "Mambo's" for the Baltimore Orioles and
the Boston Red Sox. I even ended up singing lead vocals on the Mets, Orioles
and Red Sox songs! How funny was it for me to "cop" Ricky Martin!?!
"Yankee Mambo" was a huge success being played at Yankee stadium nightly
also being sold at every home game. Having the 2000 World Series end up a
"Subway Series" didn't hurt either. Both "Yankee Mambo" and "The Mets Are
Gonna Getcha" were played hourly on the 5 top radio stations in New York.
Imagine me, driving in my car and hearing ME doing my best "Ricky Martin"
impersonation on Z-100 (The most popular radio station in the country) !!! I
never laughed so hard. It was a lot of fun.
Hopefully we'll do it again this year

Visit www.yankeemambo.com to hear for yourself!

Q: Have either of you been working on any sort of solo projects in the interim?


Q: Bruno, you recently toured overseas with Westworld.How did that go?
What places did you tour? How were the crowds? How did it compare to the
American audience?

BRUNO: The Westworld Japanese tour!!
It was so much fun. I didn't want to leave! The shows went really well, we
were really well received and the crowds were really enthusiastic and
pumped. I was shocked. Things in japan have changed quite a bit just like in
America, but the rock and rollers were out in force and real happy to see
us! There were many Danger Danger fans there too!
I'm sure all of you have heard/read about the comparisons between the
American and Japanese audience. It's still the same in 2001. The Americans
are louder and more boisterous, while the Japanese audience is more
attentive, observant and sing a lot more in unison! It's a unique contrast.
They're both great!

Okay, that wraps up the Q&A I did with Steve and Bruno. Have a question you
didn't see answered? Shoot it to me at D@Ezine@aol.com and we'll make sure
to get it answered for you in next months Q&A.

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The title says it all.....

Thoughts on our new president?

BRUNO: Although I'm not a real fan of his, I did vote for him (I'm a liberal
Republican) because I thought Gore was a weaker candidate in all aspects and
thought we needed a change after 8 years of Clinton. I am rooting for him
and I'll also be the first to vote him out if he messes things up.

STEVE: I dig him! So far he's doing a bang up job! Give him a chance.

Top three rock acts of 2000?

1.Limp Bizkit
2. Eve 6
3. Bon Jovi

1. American Hi-Fi (advance copy) Go out and get it!!
2. Warren Brothers (Country)
3. SR-71

Top three pop acts of 2000?

1. Britney Spears
2. Faith Hill
3. The Coors

Britney Spears
Craig David

Best live performance of 2000?

BRUNO: Marvelous 3/SR-71/American Hi Fi-3 great bands and a great show!
STEVE: Amber - wasn't musical though. = )

Song of the year?

BRUNO: Stronger-Britney Spears
STEVE: Flavor of the weak (American Hi-Fi) and Waiting For The Light To Change
(The Warren Brothers)

Movie of the year?

BRUNO: A tie: Gladiator/Me, Myself & Irene
STEVE: A tie: Dude Where's My Car/Me, Myself And Irene

Coolest thing that happened to you in 2000?

BRUNO: Hearing myself sing on Z-100!

Where were you on NYE?

BRUNO: At home..
STEVE: Studio 54

What do you predict 2001 brings for D2?

BRUNO: Your guess is as good as mine!
STEVE: I'm not foolish enough to predict the future.

That's a wrap on my goofy questions for the month. I was able to catch an
American Hi-Fi/SR-71 show with Steve and Bruno. Honestly, before I saw SR-71
I wasn't much of a fan, I thought they were some Blink 182 rip off. After seeing
them live I was hooked, it's by far one of my favorite cds of the year. (Just a
little plug for the band... =] ~M~)

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