Back With A Vengeance! : April 1, 2004
Ted Poley Returns!
An Official Statement from Bruno & Steve on D2 Official site
"After 11 years apart, we are very pleased to welcome Ted Poley back to Danger Danger. Our past differences have been well documented, but time truly does heal old wounds. We buried the hatchet a few years ago, and have spoken from time to time since then. It's always great speaking with Ted and reminiscing about "the good old days." We had never given any serious thought about getting back together, until just recently.

Our short tour of Europe last year was quite an eye opener for us. We came to realize a few things from that experience. As most of you know, our set list was/is predominately filled with songs from our first 3 recordings, and although our fans were really supportive and excited to see us with Paul Laine fronting the band, a majority of our fans really wanted to see and hear the band, complete with the original voice that they so fondly remember. We actually felt kind of bad for Paul, because with the exception of 3 or 4 songs in our set, he was basically singing in a cover band, and that could never be truly fulfilling for a singer/songwriter as talented as he is. That's not the bands fault, or the fans fault, it's just the reality of the situation. We also felt that, with the recent formation of Paul's awesome new band "Shugaazer," and newly released CD, he was growing weary of his role in D2, and while he enjoyed writing & recording with us and loves us like brothers, maybe singing the older D2 material was just not cutting it for him anymore, and he wanted to focus his efforts on his own band right now. Our assumption was correct. This was an extremely tough decision for us to make because of our close friendship with Paul, but we knew that it was the best thing for all of us.

It was then, that we started entertaining the thought of reuniting with Ted. We then called Paul, and told him what we were thinking, and asked him how he felt about it, and he agreed it was the best thing for the fans, the band and himself."

"Paul has, is, and always will be our brother. The Viking! You'll find no bigger fans of Paul and his music than the two of us. From "Stick it your ear" to Shugaazer's "Shift," his stuff just flat out rocks.We hope that you will show him the same love and support that you have shown us all these years. We are, and will always be open to working with Paul again on future projects. That door will never be closed.

As of this moment, we have no plans to record any new D2 material. That could of course change in the future, but we've decided to focus our attention on touring for now. We are as excited to have Ted back, as he is to be back.The three of us are anxious to begin this next chapter for D2, and we look forward to all of you being a part of it."

An Official Statement from Paul on D2 Official site
"What do you say after 10 great years working with two of the most talented people I have ever met? Thank you almost seems trite when you consider the wealth of memories and experiences I have gained. In the winter of 1993, when I showed up in New York City,it was all about the music. Working with Steve and Bruno gave me a chance to stand outside my own self as a writer, and look at music from another perspective. It's now 10 years later and it's all about the friendship.The brotherhood that is Danger Danger has defined an era in my life, and I will always be a richer man for it. For the fans and friends of the band that we met while touring ...thank you for always making me feel welcome. Every night I went on stage wondering if was going to be accepted,and every night I left feeling humbled by your gratitude towards us and the music.God bless you all...
A third era is dawning for Danger Danger now,and I hope it is as rich of an experience for Steve and Bruno as the last two. Ted is coming back to do some touring,and I think that it will be great for the fans to hear his amazing voice behind this band once again . I have always felt Ted was a great singer...very hard to fill his shoes on those songs from the first 2 albums ... I hope I did them justice. Let me also say welcome back! I know you must have missed playing with Danger Danger,because I know how much I will. But I know the fans of D2 will embrace this,and that is so worth it ...
In closing,I just want to say many humble thanks to everyone I met along the changed my life......Paul"

An Additional Statement from Steve on
"I just want to say that we are excited to have Ted back in the band. We know a lot of our fans have missed him, and we're excited for them as well. The number one reason we still make records and play is because we know how much joy it brings our fans, and having Ted back will only add to that. We've been very fortunate that our fans so graciously accepted Paul into the band 11 years ago, and we are hoping that they will just as graciously welcome Ted back. We are optimistic about the future and what it will bring. We will be hitting the road sometime in May and plan on touring as much as possible. We are also happy to announce that we will be performing at Sweden Rock in June. We're looking forward to seeing you all real soon! Peace. Westy"

A Statement from
Ted on
"I am very happy about the news and for the opportunity to get out there again in D2 and re-live some of the greatest times of my life! I am psyched for an amazing time ahead! It's great to be back with my old friends and look forward to having as much fun as we can with all of our fans and friends around the world. Looking forward to seeing you all at a show real soon!"

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