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1. After being on VH-1 Top 40 Hair Bands, did that show have an impact on
DANGER DANGER as far as fan interest goes(album sales and so on)?

It was quite helpful. The main thing it accomplished was letting people
know that we are still around and still making music. Believe it or not, a
lot of people thought we fell off the face of the earth. = ) There was a
spike in all our album sales the week the show aired, and every time it

2. Have any Record Companies shown interest in DANGER DANGER as of late ?

Only in Europe and Japan.

3. Some time ago DANGER DANGER was looking for a guitarist, what happene with that ?

Nothing panned out. We decided to just play with friends when a touring
oppurtunity arises. Tony Bruno, who played pretty much all the guitars on
the first album and subsequent albums has been touring with us as of late,
between his gigs with Enrique Iglesias.

4. Do you ever see DANGER DANGER doing a North American tour again, or
doing a package tour ?

Sure. Hopefully in the spring.

5. From all the DANGER DANGER albums, which one is your favorite ?

I don't have a favorite.

6. Most memorable concert you have ever played ?

There have been a few. Miami Arena with Kiss back in 1990 was a good one.

7. Bands you have enjoyed touring with ?

We did 2 tours with Kiss. They treated us like family. Fantastic. The
Warrant guys are still good friends. They also treated us like gold when we
toured Canada with them. They're great guys. Faster Pussycat was great.
Alice Cooper. Extreme. All good people.

8. Will the DANGER DANGER "Down And Dirty Live" be released soon ?

I have no idea.

9. Any plans to record a DANGER DANGER LIVE album with Paul Laine ?

We should. It's been talked about.

10. Can fans expect a new DANGER DANGER album in 2002 ?

I hope so!

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