The Great Escape
The Great Escape / Zinatra

Produced By Erwin Musper
Mixed By Robin Freeman
Release Date : April 25, 1991
Mercury : PHCR-1043
Re-Release : 2004 (As "Rockumentary Part 2")
Snakebite Records : SNB006

1. The Great Escape
2. Take It To The Top (Written By Paul Laine)
3. Two Sides Of Love (Written By Paul Laine)
4. There She Was
5. Love Never Dies
6. Unknown Skies
7. Too Blind To See
8. Candyman
9. Hold On (Written By Paul Laine)
10. Only Your Heart (Written By Paul Laine)
11. Jekyll And Hyde
12. The Roaring Silence
<Bonus Tracks For Re-Release>
13. Let It Go
14. You Only Live Once
15. Don't Boogy With The Devil (Demo)